Double Post! 2014 52 WNAC: Week 8 Inspired By President Washington & Week 9 Favorite Spring Color/New Release Polish Design




Whoa, that’s a mouthful, lol!!!  Well, its horrible I haven’t been able to post and got so far behind, I was sick last week and barely had energy for anything : (

But alas,  have week 8 and week 9 of the 2014 52 week nail art challenge!  Week 8 is a design inspired by President Washington, and week 9 is either a design with your favorite spring color, or utilizing colors from a new spring release collection.

For week 8 I wanted to do a design incorporating cherries as I have always been fond of the story of Washington chopping down the cherry tree and the famous line “I can not tell a lie.”  Lol, I guess we should all be glad kids have toys to play with now instead of axes…. Good lord how barbaric our forefather’s childhoods were!





So for this design, I had to use Miliani Red which looks like it’s from their Jewel FX collection, it’s such a chunky sparkly red glitter that looks like your nails are ruby slippered, it’s so mesmerizing, I love it!  For the cherries I dropped dots of Orly Cherry Bomb onto a ziplock baggie to make perfect round circles, waited for them to dry then placed them on my nails overlapped a little.  I did the highlight details in Pure Ice Platinum and also dabbed on a little China Glaze Just Be-Claws even though I don’t think it showed up too well : /  The stems are Pure Ice Free Spirit.  I applied them over a gradient of Loreal I Like It Chunky on a base of Wet n Wild 2% Milk.





I love this so much I painted it on my toes sans cherries.  The 2% Milk & I Like It Chunky gradient look so good together : )





So up for Week 9 of the 2014 52 week nail art challenge we have a spring colored theme.  I opted for a design with 2 new colors from the Milani Spring line.  I really wouldn’t have expected to have such an interest in in a Milani line but they seem to have pulled out all the stops on being a collection grab-worthy lineup.  Their collection is a mix of adoring glitters and bright, fresh cremes.  The creme colors are amazing as it is, but I only wanted to grab a couple eye catchers I couldn’t pass up!





They really brought together a group of unique glitters so I just had to get Sugar Coated and Sugar Rush.  Sugar Rush is a pastel blend of hex glitters in off white, beige, peach, seafoam and iridescent.  Truly unique and a great addition to my collection : )  Here I have layered it over Wet n Wild 2% Milk, another instafav of mine I won’t get over too quickly, lol.  Sugar Coated is a mixed glitter in seafoam with iridescent micro glitter.  You don’t see colors like that too often, so I had to grab it up.  I’ve layered this glitter over Sally Girl Lime from their scented collection.

So, getting back on track, I’ll be up next with Week 10, my Mardi Gras inspired design!  Always on the look out for other inspirations for the 52 week challenge so feel free to send me your link!



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Sinful Colors Nirvana Texture Gradient

Hey everyone! Well, I didn’t previously prepare to do my nail challenge design tonight, so I have that set up for tomm… But while I was waiting I thought I’d try out my new Sinful Colors Nirvana Matte polish I bought recently. I’m a pretty big fan of brown so It’s been on my short list : ) I was really excited to have happened by it because I also like matte polishes and don’t have many in my collection because I opted for matte topcoat instead…. Well, unfortunately as it shows in the above image, Nirvana Matte, although the label describes it as such is not matte in the least! : (
Super sad face! I think I’m going to try adding some corn starch to it to see if I can make it matte myself… If it doesn’t work I can always buy a new bottle… So anyway, on with the nail art… I had to topcoat it with my Essie Matte About You for the desired effect, then I sponged China Glaze Seahorsin Around on my right hand and Nicole by OPI Candy is Dandy on the left. In case you missed it in my last post, I’m now using my DIY Glitter Base made of Elmer’s glue diluted down with water to paint a barrier around the edges of my finger nail so I can sponge & have easy clean up… I think this would also be a great solution for water marbelling as well.
I really like the color combos & I sometimes end up choosing “why not have both” when faced with a nail art decision, so there you have it! Lol… I love baby pink & baby blue with brown, so now we have both! I hope you liked my experiment with a non matte Nirvana & I really hope I can rectify that & share my results with you! Until next time!

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2014 52 Week Challenge! Week 7: Valentine’s Day/Romantic

Whooo! It has been a busy week for me! I didn’t get to get in as many Valentine’s Day designs as I wanted to because I have been working quite a bit this week, but today I had the day off and got my nails all gussied up just in time for week 7 of the 2014 nail art challenge!!!! This week, of course, is by inspiration of Valentine’s Day, or if you live some place that doesn’t observe Valentine’s Day, then just something nice and romantic for you : )




This design was turning into a bit a disaster for me, lol… I’ll spare you the details, because thankfully it’s not noticeable, lol!  So I started off the accent nails in a reverse chevron of Nicole by OPI in Candy is Dandy and My Cherry Amour.  I can’t get enough of these Gumdrop polishes, they are just so awesome for striping : )





Next I used Dollicious by Fredrick’s of Hollywood in Cherry Tease as a base for a gradient with my new China Glaze Santa Red My List, which made for a nice subtle effect.  Over that I applied KleanColor I Do, Romeo and Milani Red.





It’s a subtle Valentine’s design that now that I look at it really isn’t very Valentin-ie, but I really wanted to wear these colors and had my heart set on wearing them today, so that’s why its my Valentine design, lol… and well, now it’s time for me to go get ready, so I hope everyone is having a great day! : )

*Oh, I forgot to add before that I used my glitter base coat, which is Elmer’s glue diluted down with a bit of water, around the edges of my nails that I sponged my gradient on so that it would be easy cleanup after! It came off easily with water, or you can just peel it!


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Valentine’s Day Glequins




Borrowing the term Glequins (glitter sequins) from The Nailasarus I give you this holiday mani, Valentine’s Day Glequins!  Though I personally prefer the phrase glitter placement, given the size of these “glitters,” I felt that these litte heart shapes were more like sequins, so there you have it…

I think I’m going to try to make this a quick post since I’ve gotten quite a late start on the holiday manis & it’s basically bed time soon… I started out the day busting out this design but then I was called into work and I’ll be there tomm, so I’m REALLY running out of time here, lol…





I did 2 manicures in 5 days finally getting my cuticles in presentable condition and after this past weekend at work, my hands got sooooo trashed, so all that effort for nothing : ( I digress….  I started with a 2 coat base of Nina Ultra Pro French White which was enough trouble as it was, then went to work for a couple hours, screwed it up and had to suffer though 2 more grueling coats to do it over… If we could, can we have a moment of silence to mourn the death of my white polish : (  Oh my kingdom for a white and black that don’t turn to goopy garbage…  I tried adding nail polish thinner til I was blue in the face and so help me I swear it seemed to only make it thicker… I give up, lol…. Anyways, to that I added the “glequins” and wrote Love with my detail brush with OPI My Address is Hollywood.





Oh my poor goodness, my hands are horrid in this pic…. Soooooo sadface…. Quite embarrassing actually, I swear to you this is immediately after applying coconut oil too : ( This is going to take weeks to repair… All I can say ladies is don’t let this happen to you, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  LOL!  Carrying on….  Middle & ring fingers are white with pink iridescent glitter placement.  The rest are Nicole by OPI Be Awesome with LA Colors Color Club Delicate over top (1 coat) and Spectraflair Holo Topcoat over that…. Which I can barely tell is on there, but perhaps on the way to work I’ll get to catch it in some sunlight for the first time, lol!





Lol, macro fail, I petted my dog & now you can see dog hairs all over my pics too…. aye, aye, aye!  I’m re-moisturizing my cuticles and off to bed! See you guys tomm!  I’ll probably be working on another after work, so I’ll hopefully have a better post tomm cuz today is just not my day! Enjoy!



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Experimentation: China Glaze – There’s Snow One Like You Stamping

Hey Everyone! We got a nice snow dusting over the weekend, I think it ended up being a couple inches or so but when I came out of work Saturday night & went to brush off my car I got to see for the first time snowflakes that looked very much like our stamping plates : ) They were a good quarter inch wide and when the light hit them the right way they looked just like the ones we stamp on our nails, lol.  It was so awesome!   And this is why I just love snow!  I’m from the South and this is only my 5 winter, and boy is it being a REALLY good one!!!!




So I thought I was done with snow nails but then that happened and I got all excited about snow again.  And I hadn’t technically used There’s Snow One Like You that much so I thought I’d give it a good go.  I wanted to pile it on pretty good and get it looking like a real snow fall so I dabbed it on a bit.  I can see why everyone was pretty disappointed with it.  It was pretty difficult to smooth it over the nail, you can see that I didn’t get it very close to the cuticle either.  I was in a bit of haste and wasn’t trying very hard, I believe it would take a good bit of patience to lay it out right.





The biggest problem with TSOLY is that it is really textured!  I wore it about a day and it was already starting to chip like crazy, not to mention snag on everything.  TSOLY is really a polish just for looks, its horrible at functionality, but I love snow, I love the look of it, so when I saw this polish I knew I had to have it!

I had 2 full days of working so my cuticles are shot again.  I got them a bit more taken care of last night but they still need help, lol…. Anyways… I had had an idea to stamp red flakes over white from a mug I have with the same design so I decided I’d give it a go over top of the snow texture.  I used China Glaze Just Be-Claws for the stamping.  Its a foil, seemed kind of thin, but ended up stamping quite well.  More about that collection later.  It was extremely bumpy, but for the most part worked out pretty nicely, the overall idea anyway.  It did about as well as you would expect stamping on such a heavy texture… That being said, the right hand did not come out so nicely…  It was truly an experiment and at this point I’m just satisfied that I tried it and now I know….  

Did you buy There’s Snow One Like You??  Did you like it?  Did you use it for any designs??  If so, how did it work out for you??  Like some feedback in the comments, I’d love to hear your stories!



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80’s Color Scheme Striping Tape Mani




Just a little striping tape mani for today…  I noticed these nail polish dots dried on my pallet card from another design I did in the past & thought these colors would look good in a design together so I went for it, lol…





Looked good on paper, lol… I think it turned out pretty good.  I used Nina Ultra Pro French White as a base for Pure Ice Busted.  I used 2 coats of that then applied striping tape to each nail.  I didn’t want straight lines so I curved them a bit.  It does cause the seal to buckle a bit, paint can seep underneath so be extra careful, or if you use topcoat before you apply the tape you can carefully use a fine brush with acetone to touch up the lines without ruining the base color.





The teal color is LA Girl Tropical, the blue is Color Club Chelsea Girl, and the purple color is Rimmel Wild Orchid.  Whoops, just a little paint smearing with the topcoat… It happens sometimes, lol, enjoy!




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One Color Skittles: Silver


Whooooo boy! Is this shiny!!!!!!  Warning:  This post is pic heavy!  I just couldn’t decide, they were all so sparkly!  It seems I was in the mood for more skittles today… I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do instead, so I went with more skittles…  I have to say I’m really excited about these!!!  It’s my first attempt at glitter placement : )


I had a little issue with the metallic polish drying a bit too quick though… It really effected my ability to get stuff to stick to it, well, in terms of caviar or glitter, not so much in not screwing up the polish when I tried to adjust a glitter I had just placed on it, but I digress…




For the silver skittles I used Wet n’ Wild Metallica as the base so I could save my OPI Push and Shove since it would be covered over anyway…  So as I said, I gave my first attempt at glitter placement on my pinkies.  It was really fun, I can really see how this can be addictive, its pretty easy (on my smallest finger anyway), and seemed to go by rather quickly.  Well, I guess I thought it was going to be more time consuming, but then again, I only did one finger, lol.  I got a wax pencil in the mail with my order from The Born Pretty Store a couple weeks ago so I was going to get around to it here eventually.  The wax pen was super cheap & came in a pair, I highly recommend it (I have no business connections with the website as of this time, I just like their prices, free shipping and products : ).


The ring finger is OPI Crown Me Already.  I love this glitter, its my most fav and I don’t use it nearly enough, so I just had to include it in my skittle : )


Whoops, made this pic a bit smaller than I wanted to on the upload, lol, but I think it shows off Push and Shove pretty nicely : )


Moving on, lol, on my middle finger I finally got to use OPI Push and Shove from the newly released Gwen Stephani Collection.  I did try to do a full swatching of it the other day that failed miserably : (  I used one coat of Lay That Base Down followed by a coat of Seche Vite as I read on another’s blog post recently to really smooth things out.  The other day I think that because I went to paint Push and Shove right over Seche Vite as soon as I was finished, as we often do when using base coat, it really caused an issue with Push and Shove.  It started to drag the paint right off.  Today I waited a good while, after I was finished my glitter placement and had perfect results on my left hand but then had an issue on the right hand, so I don’t know… I managed to cover it over fairly well with a second coat, so all is well…

My index finger is caviar of course, as I said, I didn’t goop enough polish on there & as a metallic it seemed to set a bit quicker.  My left hand is great, right, not to much : (  I used a topcoat of Seche Vite over it and dabbed it off.  I have to say that trying to get my black caviar off today was quite a feat and the finger that had topcoat on had hardly lost a single one #forthewin!  Finally, my thumb is coated in metallic silver loose glitter with a Seche Vite topcoat.  The silver glitter is insane, lol, super sparkly but VERY messy!  Much, much better with a topcoat, as far as containing mess anyway!  I hope you like the silver skittle nails, more to come!



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One Color Skittles: Black


Hey ya’ll! I’ve been really excited about doing a one color skittle mani, I’ve had it on the books for a while trying to work out which techniques I wanted to include, and ended up waiting it out for my holo topcoat so I could use it for this.  Black is one of my very favorite colors, especially when it comes to nail polish!  I searched trying to find black skittles nail designs but nothing came up.  I’m sure they’re out there, but they must be hiding, lol… So anyway, I just knew I had to do one then!  I’m probably going to do some other colors in the future, so keep a look at for that ; )

I used Nina Ultra Pro Black as the base for all the nails.  For the thumb I used my new Spectraflair Holo topcoat, for experimentation sake my right thumb has 2 coats and the left has 3.  I don’t know if you can tell a difference in the pictures, but in real life 3 coats leans more toward an overall silver look (when not flashing the spectrum), so I would say 1 or 2 coats are good enough, more than that starts to block out the original color.  The index finger is my fav!  I used velvet flocking powder and it is soooo black!! I love how dark it is and I love the fuzzy texture for sure!  I wish it would last longer : ( I’ll definitely try to do more of these manis, I love the velvet look, I’ll just have to work out a good time to wear it so I can enjoy it just a bit : ) Ha! You’ll have to forgive all the random velvet fibers every where, lol, they sure are pesky!


For the middle finger I sprinkled loose glitter over my nail while the 2nd coat was still wet.  I like the left had better than the right.  The glitter is actually black with silver.  So the left hand came out pretty perfect IMO, but the on the right hand the glitter had separated and almost all silver came out : (  On the ring finger I did a waterfall design (everytime I do this technique I have Waterfalls by TLC stuck in my head for days, lol!)  I used Ulta For Bitten, China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, and Pure Ice Private Show.  The right hand is from the cuticle and the left hand is falling from the free edge.  It wasn’t showing up too much so I matted it… Still isn’t very noticable, lol… I kinda like it though, it’s subtle, so I might do it again in the future…  Maybe in a different color combo…


Finally, the pinky is done in caviar.  The left one I secured with Seche Vite topcoat.  I read on a blog once that you can topcoat over it & then dab it with your finger which gets all the topcoat off the top of the caviar, then you’re left only with topcoat between the beads so it doesn’t mess up the look.  I think this is a pretty effective technique.  It’s not very noticeable, but I can tell, so I left the right one plain… So you can judge for yourselves.


So that’s it for today! What do you think of the One Color Black Skittles??  What colors would you like to see One Color Skittled?  Leave a comment, I have a few ideas but I’d be more than happy to take requests : )


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2014 52 Week Nail Art Challenge! Week 6 Groundhog Day/Season Change




Well, first off sorry for the blurry pic there : ( I guess it was too much gloss… Well, moving right along with week 6 of my 2014 52 Week Nail Art Challenge!  6 weeks already…. It just flies by!  And according to Phil we have 6 more weeks of Winter.  Honestly, according to the solstice and the angle of the sun we’re having it at least until March 23, thank you Bill Murray, lol.

Week 6 is Groundhog Day or inspired by season change.  I went with Groundhog Day and tried to cartoon out a little image of Punxsutawney Phil, lol.  Not quite how I pictured it.  I wanted to represent his big brown nose, give him some big beady cartoonish eyes and try to detail in some cute little arms that look adorably ready for hugging (in my fantasy life I want to go see Phil and I imagine I’d be lucky enough to snuggle his cute little self, but more on that in a minute, lol).  Well, I guess that qualifies as a fail, you can be the judge, lol!  The base mossy color is Love & Beauty but I don’t know the name because it somehow got lost off the bottom (if anyone knows, please tell me because I searched online & its driving me crazy, lol).  For Phil I used Sinful Colors Nirvana with Revlon Hot for Chocolate (that I frankened lighter) for his nose and  Sally Hansen Chocolate Creme for his arms.  I use Nina Ultra Pro for black & white.





For the thumb & the rest of the forefingers I decided to try out my new 2 way nail pen I got at H&M a couple weeks ago.  It is nameless.  I’ve had my eye on similar pens you can buy in bulk on various sites (Ebay, Amazon I think, and The Born Pretty Store) so I wanted to try one (it was on pretty crazy clearance btw, too) to see how they work before I got myself stuck with a ton of them.  I think it works ok, could work better I’m sure but I just have to get used to it more.  I also think it would have been better had I stuck to a design instead of writing, at least at first.  I was able to correct a couple areas carefully with a dotting tool or wiping a bit of it off with my finger.





On the other hand I decided to go with snowflakes for the representation of the 6 more weeks of winter, and for my sake, I hope just a little more snow.  Or at least for the snow that is on the ground to stay there.  I just love the way it looks, a few good inches on the ground is my idea of winter, and if it isn’t there it just isn’t winter without it : )

On my pinky I tried to use the brush end of the 2 way pen to use for stamping, the formula is just too thin so I switched to Pure Ice French Kiss for the rest of the snowflakes.  I left the pinky even though its a little light and came out blurry.  On my middle finger & thumb I had snowflakes come out half stamped so I stamped over them, lol… No better, but no worse I suppose… All in all I like the way most of the flakes came out and I like the color combo… Not something you see everyday, so its a half win I suppose, lol…





So the reason I chose to immortalize Phil in nail art is because every year I get excited about going to Punxsutawney to see Phil emerge from his hole to see his shadow and so far every year near the end of January I get all grumpy that I won’t be able to go, lol, poor planning unfortunately… That and life happens, sometimes the money just isn’t there… That and I have to say it sounds like fun until you’re standing in a field in the middle of the night with hundreds of other crazies in teen to twenty degree weather to see a rodent predict the weather, lol, yep, still sounds like fun! Well, until next time, Happy Painting!




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Teal Holo Ombré, Spectraflair Topcoat Review, China Glaze Seahorsin’ Around Swatch


I have been so happy with my new nail polish rack I want to spend all my time in my nail room, lol… Unfortunately I had a busy weekend working so far, but now my weekend starts so I’ll have plenty of time to do more nail art : )

I actually did these the other day but didn’t get a chance to post.  I just received my order of Spectraflair Holographic topcoat in the mail and couldn’t wait to try it!  I’m really excited about this because I have Color Club’s Halo Hues set on my Amazon Wishlist just sitting on the back burner until I get around to spending the money on it and when I saw this topcoat that could turn any polish into holo I knew I had to have it!  It will certainly tide me over until I can get the Color Club full set… So, with no further ado!

This is my first time trying the ombre look.  Up until I organized all my polishes I really couldn’t tell if I had a full range of hues for ombre.  Part of my organizing involved painting swatches and punching them out with a hole punch to put on the cap of all of them.  I saw someone else had done that on their blog (not sure which one right now), they used address labels to paint on and punched out the circles, removing the back and sticking on the sticker… I didn’t have address labels, I had index cards.  I did the same thing on index cards and glued them on with Elmer’s glue.  I just didn’t want to spend extra money & its a good idea in a pinch, but I will forewarn you, they pop off quiet easily, which I knew going in would be a bit of an issue but now that they’re all done and all organized if one pops off I can either redo it or go without.  Also another thing I did was went thru the whole process again punching out the swatches and lined them up on my desk, this is what I did to prepare my rows for the racks actually.  It was really neurotic and cumbersome but having the little circles line up flat without the bottles was really easy to see exactly which colors should go where.  Since then in an attempt to keep them organized I have lined them up in a photo album page.  That idea is not working out so hot but for now its the best I can come up with, lol.  You know the photo album pages where the protective plastic kind of sticks to the page cuz the page has some kind of gummy coating on it… Well, it doesn’t stick to the index card matte-ness but the static cling is at least holding it all in place if I don’t move it at all.  And forget adding any new polishes to the mix… I’m sure I’ll have to abandon that idea eventually but it is so nice to have a neat little display function.  Of course painting sheer or jelly colors over white does not show an accurate representation of  how it will look on your nail, but at least for organizing they all have the same background so its representation can be used for that purpose at least.  Just a little tip on something I found to help with organizing…


This is the bottle I ordered on Ebay from Piper Polish, its available in 7ml for $3.50 and 15ml (if these auction links have expired use the Piper Polish link for their store) for $7.50 both with shipping charges of $1.99.  I bought the mini bottle which is about the size of China Glazes sample sized bottles.   I purchased this bottle with my own money, this is not a sponsored review.  I think for the sizes they are priced very nicely.  The colors I used for the ombre are LA Girl in Tropical for my thumb, Wet & Wild in I Need A Refresh-Mint, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Blew Me Away, Hard Candy in Sky and Nina Ultra Pro in French White.  Now that I have them all organized I’ll probably be able to find more colors I can ombre… Not sure if I like it that much, but I guess time will tell.


Now I’ll tell you about the mishap I had with topcoat…. I will start by saying that when I applied Seche Vite top coat I did go over it a little too much.  I wasn’t prepared for how runny the formula is when it’s brand new, lol… We all know how thick it can get when you get half way through the bottle and I had just replaced my bottle of Poshe that I’ve had a good while so I was really having to chase after the Seche…

Ok, getting to the point of bringing that up, perhaps it was because I didn’t waste anytime starting in on the top coat and maybe the layers hadn’t had time to dry inbetween but if you look real close to my pinky in the above pic you can see vertical striations in the linear holo effect where the Seche Vite started to shrink the layers underneath.  Also, as the holo effect polish is a top coat itself, I probably shouldn’t have added another.  I did that for increased dry time but perhaps this topcoat doesn’t work with other topcoats and should be used on its own.  Also, I think I wouldn’t have had an issue had I not over brushed it trying to thin out the Seche Vite that was pouring off the brush on me, lol.  All of these pictures are shown as base coat, 2-3 coats of color, 1 coat of Spectraflair topcoat, 1 coat of Seche Vite, then another coat of Spectraflair to add to the holo effect and try to cover the underlayer shrinkage.


I have to say that I have to say that I don’t have any linear holo polishes, so as of yet I don’t have anything to compare the holo-iness to.  I did expect the holo to be more in your face, that is the impression I have gotten from swatches I’ve seen of holos, and the swatch pictures for Spectraflair… In all fairness though, we didn’t have any sunlight for me to see it in all it’s holo glory.  I caught it well enough with the flash though in the picture above…  What do you think?? Are these results comparable to your experiences with linear holo polishes??  Leave me a comment, I’d really like to know… Maybe I was doing it wrong, lol!


Ok, so real quick I’d like to add my thoughts and some info on China Glaze’s Seahorsin’ Around form their Sea Goddess collection…  I wasn’t planning on getting in on this collection because, let’s face it, lol, I already have enough polish, lol, but I got this one & I’ll tell you why.  I was at Sally’s the other day and as part of their sale they had a promo for Seche Vite where you get a free bottle of China Glaze with purchase… Well I went to replace my Poshe, but let’s be serious, who is going to pass that up??? I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Seche Vite, but I do own a bottle of their thinner especially made for their topcoat, so why not…  I had eyed the China Glaze Collection, which was out a couple days early I might add (go Sally’s!) & there certainly are some pretty ones… I was especially impressed with the shimmer colors like the one I have here.  I had no idea that they were textures because the press releases that I read didn’t really specify that.  The collection is glitters, which seem more like jelly sandwich types to me, at least one that stands out in my memory, and the rest are shimmers such as this which are textures as far as I’ve gathered.  China Glazes textures seem on the chunky side to me.  Shown here is two coats, but the effect is quite easily a one coater.


Here is shown with flash.  True to matte texture form, it chipped off almost immediately the next day at work, lol… My hands are in contact with warm water all day, but just as well, time for a new mani anyway!  So what do you think of the Sea Goddess Collection, which ones are your fav, the one’s you can’t wait to get your hands on??  Oh, and if you get the chance, I highly recommend getting over to Sally’s for your free bottle of China Glaze! Cuz who can’t use topcoat?!?!  I don’t know how much longer the sale is going on, I hope it didn’t end at the end of January : (

Also on that trip I decided to pick up a bottle of Push & Shove because I knew in a few weeks when it was no where to be found I’d really be kicking myself, so I’ve definitely added that to the rotation for the week : )  Here’s another pic of my ombre to send you off : )  Thanks for stopping by!


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